Magix VEGAS Pro: An In-Depth Discussion and Review

Video Editors looking for solid editing software that doesn't involve high price tags and subscriptions, take a look at Magix VEGAS Pro. It's currently 40% Off! Read this article from ProVideoCoalition where an insider takes you on a great tour of the software:

This interview below is about Sony Magix VEGAS Pro! If you’ve worked in editing and post-production for any length of time you’ve probably heard of the non-linear editing package know as VEGAS. Most likely you remember it as SONY VEGAS but the package was sold to the software company Magix in 2016 and it’s moving forward under Magix’s wing.

Why a big multi-thousand word article about Vegas right here, right now? It goes back to NAB 2017 when I led a class called NLE Independence – Editing Beyond Adobe, Apple and Avid. This class wouldn’t have been complete without talking about VEGAS and since I had never used Vegas I had to find someone who was knowledgeable using this NLE.

That led me to Bobby Grubic who was kind enough to sit down and chat with me about VEGAS so I could speak somewhat intelligently on the subject. And Bobby did one better, dropping by the NAB class and speaking in person on Magix VEGAS.

I recorded the chat Bobby and I had just to be sure I didn’t miss anything but got to thinking after I was done … this would make an excellent blog post so I transcribed the interview (well … the fantastic SpeedScriber transcribed the interview, I just edited the thing) and posted it here with some VEGAS screenshots to try and make it all make sense...[continue reading]

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