Magix Vegas Pro NLE holds it's own

No Film School wrote an amazing article highlighting Magix Vegas Pro!

Heath McKnight highlights some of the great new updates and features available with the latest version of Vegas Pro.

  • A completely redesigned user interface, streamlining the overall editing experience, from cutting to color grading and audio mixing.
  • A centralized, cloud-based place to store content (VEGAS Hub).
  • Searchable features (Hub Explorer)
  • Access to video and audio content in the cloud (VEGAS Content).
  • BRAW (Blackmagic RAW) support.
  • A pretty cool, multilingual text-to-speech feature that uses AI to deliver quality voiceovers.
  • Color Grading Panel with tools that are intuitive and don’t require a degree, including RGB color curves.
  • An improved timeline

"We're able to react quickly to what they need and provide features as soon as we have them ready," said Gary Rebholz (Chief Product Officer, of Vegas Creative Software). "That's helped customers greatly, and captured the attention of the market in general.”

With the latest update to Vegas Pro 19, the following features have been added or improved.

  • Brightness and contrast controls added to the Color Grading Panel, plus Bézier Curve support for OFX keyframe animation; buttons and options have been added to access the Color Grading Panel from the Track, Media and Video Output levels; and overall improvements.
  • Improved timeline efficiency, including automatically cropping video clips to match the project's aspect ratio; project templates for vertical video; render templates in vertical; indicator to ID locked timelines; and the title and text generator can be instantly cropped in the text box.
  • ProRes support (4444 XQ, 422 HQ, 4444, 422 Proxy).
  • New Effects: Latest OpenFX spec support; GPU acceleration for Scene and Shot selection; a new motion blur effect; and hardware detection can handle multiple GPUs from the same vendor.
  • Customized subtitles via Speech to Text; more language support; and Speech to Text can automatically detect the OS language.

McKnight concludes that, "With all of these new features, Vegas Pro 19 positions itself as the perfect companion to streamers and content creators."

Read the full article here!

Learn more about Magix here!


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