Mail-In Rebates on Quadro cards - $100 on Quadro 4000, $300 on Quadro 5000

Real-Time Performance = Real Savings.

Get the most out of Adobe® CS5.5 with NVIDIA® Quadro® by PNY. At the heart of Adobe Premiere Pro® CS5.5 is the Mercury Playback Engine, accelerated by NVIDIA Quadro graphics boards.

Unlock the power of Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 software with NVIDIA Quadro by PNY and transform your computer into a high-end production system. Deliver blazing fast performance and accelerate your complete production workflow with NVIDIA Quadro by PNY professional graphics solutions.

At the heart of Premiere Pro CS5.5 is the Adobe Mercury Playback Engine, built using the NVIDIA® CUDA™ parallel processing architecture. Take advantage of all the benefits of the Mercury Playback performance by upgrading to an Adobe-Certified NVIDIA Quadro by PNY graphics board.

Refine and apply multiple effects, transitions and color correction to HD and higher-resolution sequences with smooth scrubbing and playback – all in real-time!

  • Real-time effects
  • Real-time transitions
  • Real-time color correction
  • Real-time multi-layer editing
  • Real-time chroma key
  • Real-time 2D and 3D DVE

NVIDIA Quadro by PNY Delivers the Ultimate Adobe CS5.5 Experience

  • Refine and apply multiple color corrections
    and effects, in HD and higher-resolution
    sequences, with smooth scrubbing and
    playback – all in real-time!

  • Double the performance when previewing RED 4K footage and experience up to 20 times faster playback with HDV videos – enabling fast iterations for real-time editing decisions.*

  • Work in real-time on complex timelines and large projects with thousands of clips – whether your source is SD, HD, 2K, 4K or beyond.
  • Easily integrate project files from After Effects
    and Photoshop into Premiere Pro and edit in
    real-time, even while applying more than
    three layers.

  • Easily span across multiple high resolution
    displays, including SDI monitors and projectors,
    with Quadro solutions.**


Buy Today and Save!

Complete this rebate form to take advantage of this Mail-In Rebate Offer starting June 1, 2011 through July 31, 2011 when you purchase the NVIDIA Quadro Card from

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