Mark Zuckerberg Was Right: VR Is the Future published an article this month on the powerful experience of virtual reality, "I Didn’t Believe VR Was the Future — Until Now." The title says a lot...Content creators, if you aren't already starting to play with VR, this just might kick-start you into it.
Fortune VR articleWhile I can’t tell you what the film was about -- something about how GE is working to build better robots, maybe -- I can tell you how it felt. It felt like I was in the woods, in a robotics lab, at a table watching an interview, in a parking lot. The first scene was set in a forest. It was a sunny, summer day. To my right, there was a GE robot doing something innovative. But far more interesting was the ability to look around -- unlike a traditional film that, even in 3D, dictates what and when you see something, here you could explore. Look up, and there was branches and then sky. Look down, and there was dirt and leaves. To the right, a cluster of trees. Had I turned around (which, still tangentially aware of my “real-world” surroundings, I wasn't brave enough to do), there would have been something else to see.....[continue to full article]

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