Matrox Maevex 6020 Remote Recorder and Panopto Case Study

Remote education and lecture capture are a great place for Matrox devices to further the effectiveness of a broadcast. Educators from Santa Clara University made their shift to remote learning with the Matrox Maevex 6020.

One of the features the campus took advantage of with this Matrox device is the tight integration with Panopto, which helps automate lesson and lecture capture streaming.  

"In 2016, SCU started using the Panopto VMS in combination with a Windows-based, computer-and-capture card solution that was built, imaged, and maintained by the university’s media systems team."

Three years later, the team started looking for alternatives to save them time and resources, meaning they would need a Turnkey solution.  The Maevex 6020 turned out to be a perfect fit.  

This standalone appliance gave the team the ability to function without unexpected updates.  This with a competitive price point and an easy configuration, Maevex 6020 was an obvious choice.  

"SCU leverages Maevex 6020’s dual Full HD streaming and recording functionality by simultaneously streaming and recording all lecture videos and content in 1080p30 in order to match the setting on the hardware devices. The Maevex 6020 device and Panopto platform are capable of streaming up to 1080p60 on one channel, and 1080p30 on the second if desired."

Check out this diagram of the completed workflow:

Check out this article from Matrox to learn more.

Learn more about Matrox HERE.

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