Matrox Maevex and Panapto Automate Virtual Learning

Matrox devices have always been at home in the classroom setting, and the new Maevex encoder is no exception.  One recent workflow we've come across is the Maevex being used in Santa Clara University to improve virtual learning, and make the shift more seamless. 

Santa Clara University is one of California's oldest higher educations institutions.  When the Covid-19 Pandemic began, they had to make a complete shift to remote learning.  This was executed with the Matrox Maevex 6020 devices deployed across all buildings in campus.

The Maevex allows students and faulty at SCU to transition rather seamlessly, with few hiccups into remote learning.  Best yet, it was a sustainable solution. This is something that the team at Santa Clara University had long been searching for, and Matrox was the answer.  

"A turnkey solution that comes fully integrated with the university’s existing preferred VMS, Maevex 6020 turned out to be the perfect fit. Between the standalone appliance’s ability to function without unexpected operating system updates, its configuration and firmware utility for centralized control of the devices, and its highly competitive price point with no reoccurring licensing fees, Maevex 6020 was a clear choice."

Check out this diagram of the workflow:

Check out this article from to learn more.

Learn more about Matrox HERE.


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