Little Frog in High Def by Shane Ross

Last year at NAB (2008) I was working in the Matrox Booth. The MXO2 was announced, but not shipping. I was working in the booth at the MXO for FCP station, showing off how to make your Apple Cinema Display into a color correction monitor, and how the MXO displayed interlacing as well.

Well, other stations in the booth showed the MXO used in combination with Avid Media Composer. Avid? How did it work with the Avid? I thought only Avid hardware worked with Avid software. They showed me how it worked and it was pretty slick. Impressed all the Avid editors who saw it.

Then 6 months later I find myself working on an Avid. And then at one point I needed to work from home. When I found myself at home I figured, hey, why not check this thing out? I have an MXO. But the MXO took one of the DVI ports, and I still liked working with two monitors as workspaces. So what was I do to? I recalled that a station at the Matrox booth across from me showed off the TripleHead2Go Digital Edition. What this box did was take one DVI port and spread it across two monitors...increase the horizontal resolution from 1920 to 3840. This way you could put two monitors on one DVI port, and then the MXO on the other. So I ordered one. read more...

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