Avid Media Composer Tutorial - Application Manager Syncing Issues

This Avid Media Composer tutorial addresses a common issue that editors run into with the Application Manager when they cannot download updates because its status is always "Syncing". Kevin McAuliffe demonstrates a technique that should fix the issue and get you back to downloading updates.

Avid Media Composer Tutorial 101 - Advanced - Application Manager Syncing Issues

ProVideo Coalition by Kevin P. McAuliffe With the move to version eight of Avid Media Composer around two years ago, one thing that has caused editors a lot of grief, is the Application Manager. The Application Manager is not only what we use to keep track of the different licenses for different computers, but it also lets us transfer licenses from one machine to another, and it’s where we can download major, as well as point updates, to give us the newest features, and fix annoying bugs, the moment they are available. ..[continue reading]

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