Mettle Skybox Virtual Reality Plug-ins for Adobe After Effect and Premiere Pro

If you're an Adobe editor looking to start experimenting with and producing 360 VR footage, you need to check out Sybox Virtual Reality Plug-ins. Generate 360 format from your comp. Easily convert between Equirectangular, Spherical, Cubic Cross and FullDome formats. Add 360 camera movement - tilt, pan and roll - onto stationary footage. Import stitched 360 footage, extract it into 6 undistorted camera views using SkyBox Extractor, add text, graphics and VFX and re-export to 360. Preview your camera point of view with SkyBox Viewer. Mettle continues to be a leader in bringing complex technology to users in a simple interface. Once the selective domain of the technically savvy few, SkyBox introduces VR | 360 Production capabilities into After Effects. “SkyBox puts 360 | VR content creation into After Effects, and opens up a whole new world. What was once a very laborious and technically complicated process is now made very easy for the user.”-Chris Bobotis, Developer/Partner, mettle. Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and compositing application developed by Adobe Systems and used in the post-production process of filmmaking and television production. Mettle SkyBox adds the following functionality to After Effects: • Generate 360 | VR format from graphics/animations made in After Effects . • Generate youtube 360 compatable format. • Generate Reflection/Environment Maps in Equirectangular, Spherical and Cubic Cross. • Translate easily between Equirectangular, Spherical and Cubic Cross Formats • Add graphics onto live footage shot in 360 format and output back to 360 | VR. Mettle develops world-class software plugins for Adobe After Effects. They have been used in the award-winning opening sequence of HBO’s ‘True Detective’ and by top animation studios including Disney Imagineering and Electronic Arts. Adobe has recognized their excellence by entering into a license agreement. New! Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Tools | Premiere Pro We are pleased to introduce SkyBox 360/VR Tools for Premiere Pro. Cinematic 360/VR content creators will find many tools that facilitate production. Effects can be applied directly on 360 footage or an Adjustment layer (great for transitions). We currently support Equirectangular format: mono 2:1 or Stereo 1:1 over-under. Mettle SkyBox 360/VR Tools is a plugin for Premiere Pro. Overview hosted by Charles Yeager. Try a free demo: Check out our bundle: • Add text, logos, and 2D footage onto your 360 footage • 360 Seamless Effects: Blur, Denoise, Glow, Sharpen • Tilt, Pan and Roll your 360 footage - seamlessly • Recentre your focal point • Correct the horizon (make it appear straight) • Supports Stereo (over/under) AND Mono footage “The new Skybox 360 VR Tools for Adobe Premiere are absolutely essential for VR filmmakers. If you work in Premiere with 360 footage you shouldn’t be without this plugin. It greatly simplifies your workflow and makes 360 editing a lot more straightforward.” –

Check out the Skybox product page to find out more and download a free demo.

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