Mixing Aspect Ratios with Avid Media Composer

GeniusDV Video Tutorial by John

Avid Media Composer has some great tools when it comes to mixing and matching different media formats.

It can become tricky building a project that is compatible with both the older Standard Defination television sets and the newer widescreen HD sets.

The trick is to build two versions of your sequence. Build one for your 4x3 audience, and one for your Widescreen audience.

For example, let's say I have three different media types which are:

Standard Definition 4x3 media. Standard Definition 16x9 anamorphic media, and High Definition footage.

Go ahead and import your media into Avid Media Composer. In this case I'm going to use Avid's Link to AMA files feature which is located under the file menu to import my clips. If you're new to using Avid's AMA feature, the clips will turn yellow indicating that the Avid software is referencing the clips directly.

For my first example, I'm going to drag all these clips directly to a new Standard defination sequence. You can verify your format settings by clicking on the format tab within the Project window. If I drag through my sequence you can see the first two shots that are supposed to be widescreen are stretched into a 4x3 frame. read more and watch the video...

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