Most Frequently Asked Live Streaming Questions Answered! Ask the Videoguys June 2021

Every month, we create an Ask the Videoguys Live Webinar where we talk about some of the most frequently asked questions from the previous month, in the world of live streaming.  In this months show, we discussed updating the BirdDog P100, the LiveU Solo User interface, the YoloBox Pro, updating your NewTek TriCaster, NDI 5, and the AtomX Cast.  

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It looks like it’s time to update my TriCaster.  Any tips on the process and how long it should take?

We recently updated our TriCaster TC1, and we have a few tips on how to go about this process.  It's important to note, that with NDI 5 around the corner, now is the time to update your system so that you are ready. 

Here are a few great tips we discovered while updating our TriCaster TC1.

  • TECH TIP #1: Update NDI Tools and your TriCaster at the same time 
  • TECH TIP #2: All elements in your studio environment should be updated at once 
  • TECH TIP #3: Always have an NDI Converter Handy 
  • TECH TIP #4: It takes a full day, update on a day you don't have a show 
  • TECH TIP #5: Make sure to update between projects, not on the same day.

 When will NDI 5 become available?

NDI 5 is around the corner.  It was announced by NewTek recently with a ton of new features, as well as new NDI capable products and advancements coming from BirdDog and NewTek.  So when will it be available?

The answer is soon, but no date has been announced yet.  However, NewTek has put a waiting list on their NDI website, so that you can be ready when the time does come.  

Check out NDI.TV to get on the waiting list. 

To learn more about NDI 5, check out the full webinar we did on all the new features, below. 

Why can't I find my favorite G-Technology Drives?

G-Technology drives are still available!  They are ​just under a new brand name.  Western Digital has combined G-Technology and some SanDisk drives to create SanDisk Professional.  

We will be having SanDisk join us on a future Videoguys Webinar to discuss this change. 

What is the YoloBox Pro?

YoloBox Pro is a new product from YoloBox that improves upon the already amazing YoloLiv YoloBox.  There is certainly still a place for both devices in the live streaming landscape.  However, YoloBox Pro will help creators looking for more flexibility and sophistication in their production.  


  • 7 Inch LCD
  • 350 nits
  • 2 HDMI inputs
  • One Charging Station
  • Audio In (3.5 mm)
  • QualComm 625
  • $899

YoloBox Pro:

  • 8 Inch LCD
  • 400 nits
  • 3 HDMI inputs
  • One Charging Station, and an Additional USBC Port
  • Audio In (3.5 mm) & Mic In
  • Mixing Audio
  • QualComm 660
  • HDCP Compliant
  • $1,299

What are the main differences between the BirdDog Flex Out and the BirdDog Play?

Both the BirdDog Play and the BirdDog Flex Out are powerful NDI 5 capable decoders.  However, the use cases for each unit are somewhat different.  Think of the BirdDog Play as an excellent AV setup device, and the Flex as a production unit, with Dante I/O, PoE, and PTZ Camera control.  

My LiveU Solo won't connect to my network, it recognizes but fails to take the signal, is there anything I am doing wrong?

​We wanted to take advantage of this question as an opportunity to bring viewers through the LiveU Solo interface.  Understanding this interface will give you the capability to stream more reliably, and will solve many tech support questions.  Here is our best practices for streaming with the LiveU Solo.

  • Check your WiFi or network password!  You cannot have special characters in your WiFi password. LiveU Solo likes alpha-numeric ONLY
  • Check to make sure your data plan on your modems isn’t toggled off, this is the green check box above the data section.
  • Are your sims showing no name and no carrier?  
    This is an issue with LiveU's multi carrier sims, however, despite names and carriers not being displayed they still work perfectly. 

LiveU's new Multi-Carrier sims are a very exciting advantage for streamers using Solo Connect. 
Check out this statement from LiveU on these multi carrier sims.  

"At LiveU we are always working to improve our offerings, including Solo Connect, our combined certified modem and data service for LiveU Solo.  After a field trial, we are changing future Solo Connect kits to use multi-carrier capable sims.  This means, each modem has the option to connect to one of three networks (Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile) and which network you connect to will change based on availability in your area, automatically.  If one day T-Mobile and AT&T offer the best coverage for your location, the kit will connect to those networks, but if the next day it is AT&T and Verizon, they will connect automatically to the available networks.  No interaction or changes are needed on the end-user's part to use this functionality, it happens automatically in the modem and sim." 

YouTube keeps changing their live streaming process... Can you tell me how I can keep streaming throughout these changes?

YouTube is still the number one place to stream live video and even if you have trouble with the premade module that doesn’t mean there is an issue with your hardrware. YouTube is making changes and it does take time for the encoders to catch up.  
If you run into an issue, it might be smart to stream via custom RTMP instead.

How do I upgrade the firmware on the BirdDog P100 PTZ camera? Is it different than other BirdDog cameras?

There are actually two different updating processes when it comes to BirdDog Products.  The P100 specifically, has a few extra steps compared updating other BirdDog products. 
Check out our 
demo of the update process in the webinar.

BirdDog also has some great resources for those looking to learn more about this process, or how to better utilize your BirdDog camera.  

Check out this playlist of walkthrough videos from BirdDog.
​Check out setup tutorials and videos HERE.

What is the AtomosX Cast?

​AtomX Cast is a new product from Atomos that expands on the Ninja V.  Designed to leverage the AtomXpansion port on the Ninja V / V+, the AtomX Cast is a docking station that converts the Ninja in to a 4 x HDMI video switcher with graphic overlays and streaming output.

Check out the AtomX Cast HERE.​

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