Motu display the HDX-SDI with Thunderbolt at NAB 2013

We first saw the HDX-SDI on the Motu stand last year at NAB. The uncompressed I/O box is close to shipping so we thought that we would take another look.

When capture or I/O cards get talked about for use with FCP or FCPX, Motu isn't one of the first manufacturers that gets mentioned. Motu come from an audio background and have expanded into video devices as a logical progression of their product line.

Almost ready to ship and priced at around $1,000, the Motu HDX-SDI is a well specified loop through Thunderbolt connected 1U I/O box. What makes the HDX-SDI slightly different from the other manufacturers is a detailed front panel status screen including audio meters and a separate timecode display. It also looks like the HDX-SDI supports not only FCP7 and Final Cut Pro X, but Adobe Premiere and Avid Media Composer. read more...

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