Moving from Avid Xpress Pro to Avid Media Composer

Avid Communtiy Tutorial

Moving from Avid Xpress Pro to the software version of Avid Media Composer gives you a number of new tools and features. This demonstration video describes some of the important differences in these two products and starts you on your way to working as easily with Media Composer as youre accustomed to working with Avid Xpress Pro.

For the most part, Media Composer will seem familiar to Avid Xpress Pro users: it has much the same look and feel, and the common editing tools such as the Timeline and the Effects palette have only a few obvious changes.

There are, of course, some major differences: Media Composer is designed as a workgroup client, so you can use it within an Avid Interplay system to share projects with others in your workgroup, and you have access to the Interplay Engine to manage your shared media files.

Also, the current version of Media Composer runs on both Windows Vista and Macintosh OS X operating systems, and it supports a wider range of project resolutions than Avid Xpress Pro.

Youll notice other differences in some of the editing tools you can use, some effects available to you, and a few new features, such as ScriptSync and Multigroup editing. read more and watch the video

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