Must Have Premiere Pro Plug-Ins

Adobe Premiere is still one of the most popular editing platforms. Motion Array posted this great read of Premiere Pro Plug-ins that are a must have. Magic Bullet Looks Plug-ins Magic Bullet Looks A huge part of creating a great edit is setting up a cohesive look. There are all sorts of color grading tools on the market. There are presets, and LUTS as well. The whole thing can be a bit overwhelming. This is where Magic Bullet Looks comes in. Looks is chock full of professional color grade settings that you can apply right on your footage to create an overall “look” for your edit. With over 200 preset looks to choose from, you’ll very likely find one you like right out of the box. But, you can take any look and adjust it by adding or removing elements from the look. You can also create a look completely from scratch, using the 42 tools like exposure and edge blur to craft your perfect look. Pluraleyes pluraleyes plug-ins We originally featured this Premiere Pro plug-in in our Gift Guide for Video Editors. Why? Because it’s super handy. One of the most annoying things about editing is when your audio and video get out of sync. We try to avoid it, but it happens. This is where Pluraleyes comes in to save the day. In a few seconds, Pluraleyes can re-sync your audio and video clips, saving the day and getting you back to your edit. Click here to read the entire article on Motion Array

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