My 2010 Wishlist for Final Cut Pro

The Editblog on PVC by Scott Simmons

Inspired by Peter Wiggins ... here’s my own list


Peter Wiggins posted a Top Ten Wish List for FCP in 2010 over on his blog recently. Then in a tweet he asked: What is yours? Years ago I posted what could have been called my FCP wish list in two Editblog posts: Bottom 10 Final Cut Pro and Bottom 10 FCP Tips ... revisited. They read just like a Final Cut Pro wishlist. So with those in mind here’s my Wish List for Final Cut Pro in 2010. Some are revisited right from the Botton 10 FCP Tips, some echo Peter’s. Everyone who has used FCP for any length of time are bound to have their own.

It was way back in September 2006 when I posted that little list over on the original Editblog called Bottom 10 Final Cut Pro ... tips? This was somewhat of a wish list (or as I subtitled it, things that just annoy me) as I wrote out a few bugs as well as some interface issues that I thought needed addressing by the FCP programmers. In November 2007 I revisited this list when FCP was updated to 6.0.2. Some issues had been addressed, most had not. Peter’s post is good inspiration to revisit the Bottom 10 FCP Tips that had not been and see if any of the items have since been addressed (we are at version 7 now) as well as add a few fresh annoyances. The original paragraphs are in blue. read more...

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