My Favorite Adobe Premiere Pro Feature

Scott Simmons wrote an article for ProVideo Coalition talking about his favorite feature for Adobe Premiere Pro; customization. Scott is often asked what his favorite thing about Adobe Premiere Pro is, and that's easy: there's usually more than one way to achieve any task. Customization is part of that.

Windows, Panels, and Workspaces

That's correct. Premiere Pro has a very customizable interface, allowing users to arrange and organize their workspace in a way that best suits their individual needs and preferences. This can be especially useful for users who work on multiple projects with different requirements, as they can quickly switch between different workspace configurations depending on the task at hand.

Pancake editing is a technique in which the editor uses multiple timelines in the same sequence, with each timeline representing a different part of the project. This allows the editor to see and work on multiple parts of the project at the same time, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined editing process. As you mentioned, the ability to customize the interface in Premiere Pro makes it particularly well-suited for pancake editing, as it allows the editor to arrange their workspace in a way that makes it easy to view and work on multiple timelines at once.

The Keyboard

You're correct, Premiere Pro has a very extensive set of customizable keyboard shortcuts, allowing users to customize the program's interface to suit their individual needs and preferences. This is particularly useful for power users who want to work as efficiently as possible by using keyboard shortcuts to access frequently-used tools and commands. Premiere Pro's keyboard shortcuts are customizable in a number of ways, including the ability to create custom sets of keyboard shortcuts for different tasks or projects, as well as the ability to import and export keyboard shortcut settings for use on other computers.

You're right, in addition to the extensive set of default keyboard shortcuts, Premiere Pro also allows users to create their own custom keyboard shortcuts for any action or command that doesn't already have a shortcut assigned to it. This allows users to further customize the program's interface to suit their individual needs and preferences, and can help improve their efficiency by enabling them to access any tool or command quickly and easily using a keyboard shortcut. Overall, Premiere Pro's customizable keyboard shortcuts provide users with a high degree of control over the program's interface, allowing them to tailor the program to their specific needs and workflows.

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