My Life After Drobo

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For everybody who has been waiting patiently (and otherwise) for what I did after my “I’m done with Drobo” article, today’s the day. I’m so sorry that it’s taken this long, but I was waiting for the last piece of my backup strategy puzzle to be complete, but that’s taken so long that I’m just going to go ahead and write it from where it stands now, so here goes.

First off, I went with G-Tech G-Speed Q drives
Three of them, 12-Terabytes each (they look like the one you see below, and are a little smaller in height and width than my Drobos). I keep one at my house, one in Brad’s office, and another one at the office networked to an Apple Mac-mini so Brad and I can go access it if need be (that one is stored in our server room with our IT guys. At least, that’s where I assume it is, it could be stored at Five Guys burgers for all I know — it just shows up on my network, so I’m cool with that).

When I originally wrote my post about dumping Drobo, and asked for suggestions on what to use instead, I had a lot of folks recommend G-Tech drives and Synology drives as well. I even had the Synergy folks reach out to me on Twitter (though we never actually connected), but when I learned that my in-house video team had been using G-Tech drives and really liked them, that was enough to push me in that direction.

So far — I love them. I was able to move all my stuff off my Drobos (we had to swap drives to a working Drobo to transfer them over to my new G-Tech drives), and everything has been smooth as glass ever since (and I never have a problem mounting my G-Tech). read more...

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