NAB 2019: Top 8 Trends

NAB Show took more of a practical approach over the 'razzle dazzle' of years past. While many production trends that once seemed like the future of the industry- 3D post production, 360 video acquisition, VR-headset experiences, Etc- have faded into the background, what we did see was practical solutions on the rise, and IP network solutions and AI based tools.


While IP Video integration has been a long time coming, this years NAB displayed many new developments in the area. Among others, The Future Group's Pixotope is a real time video renderer built into the Unreal Engine from Epic Games- which was on prominant display at NAB.


As video quality continues improving, 4K has become a new standard, and 8K is the new cutting edge spec moving the industry forward. Blackmagic Design showed their new Teranex Mini SDI to HDMI 8K- perfect for monitoring 8K HDR on any large TV screen or projector.


One star of NAB was Avid, with announcements such as the New Media Composer 2019 and Nexis Cloud Spaces.

A new Avid. OK, a new software revision from one company may not qualify as a “trend.” But when that company essentially invented the NLE — one that remains the de facto standard for feature film and scripted television editing — a serious redesign can feel like a seismic event. That’s the case with Avid Media Composer. Media Composer has remained Media Composer through years of upheaval in editing technology, despite losing some competitive ground over the years to Apple’s Final Cut Pro and Adobe’s Premiere Pro. If you talk to many longtime Avid editors, you’ll discover that they really love the Avid, and that familiarity helps explain why Avid has been in no hurry to overhaul the basic Media Composer experience. But that changed this year, as the company rolled out what it called an “all-new” Media Composer with a modernized user interface, new visual approaches to media bins, and 32-bit full float finishing and delivery capabilities.

Bryant Frazer, Studio Daily

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