NDI 5.5 Pushing the Future of Video Over IP

In an exclusive interview, NDI's Suso Carillo talks with SCN, about the appeal of the popular network protocol, as well as recent enhancements and future plans. Suso Carillo, NDI marketing lead, sat down with SCN for a short Q&A about the evolution of the popular network protocol.

SCN: How has your background prepared you for your role?

Suso Carillo: have been with NDI since November of last year; however, I have been a fan of NDI since it first came out in 2015. NDI is this easy technology that implements low-latency video, audio, tally, and control over gigabit networking. I knew it would revolutionize the industry. I very closely followed the technology, and when it spun off into its own brand—after the Vizrt Group(opens in new tab) acquisition in 2019—I knew if the opportunity presented itself that I wanted to be a part of the team.

I have more than 25 years of experience in the media industry. Ranging from my time as a technician to being in a “boots on the ground” role, to founding TM Broadcast Magazine, alongside being the marketing director of SRT Alliance for Haivision, they have all in some way helped shape me and give me the necessary tools to succeed in my role as the marketing lead for NDI. 

SCN: What do you think makes NDI unique in the industry?

SC: One of the key elements of NDI is its strong partnerships. We exist to ease the workflow for end users, so they can streamline and be more productive. In addition, we guarantee quality and the lowest latency of any other technology on the market with unparalleled interoperability. Everything we do is to drive value for our community. When I think of our role at NDI, it’s really to pioneer a new era of video.

As broadcast production workflows evolve from entire on-premises control rooms to remote integration, hybrid or cloud environments, efficiency is a necessity. Users need a guaranteed solution for production that supports audio mixing, routing, and really support the new workflow from ingest to program distribution. NDI has been critical in supporting this new era of production.

Our release of NDI 5.0 introduced NDI Audio Direct, NDI Remote, and NDI Bridge, which established support for sharing NDI sources across the internet. Alongside these features, the enhanced NDI|HX3 gives users option to deliver low latency transmission with reduced bandwidth for better quality video in any setting without the need to upgrade equipment.

"The ultimate long-term goal is for NDI to become the video standard in the worldwide video industry. That’s our vision." -Suso Carillo

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