NDI 5: The Whole World is your Studio Videoguys Live

Today's Videoguys Live is all about the new NDI 5. NDI 5 is the latest version of NDI technology from NewTek, that packs some exciting new features, and functions as a true revolution in video.

Gary is joined today by workflow sales specialist, Glen Seaman- a true expert on NDI.  

Check out the webinar, below. 

NDI® 5 – A Revolution in Video Storytelling

  • The fifth generation of NDI represents a quantum leap for the world’s most used production video IP standard.
  • NDI allows you to move audio and video between devices, anywhere in the world.

Check out this Graphic Detailing Some
of the New Features of NDI:

NDI® Bridge:

  • With NDI Bridge, you can simply and securely share all NDI network sources between remote sites, anywhere in the world.
  • NDI Bridge delivers local convenience on a global scale while supporting all the NDI capabilities including PTZ control, Tally, alpha channel, KVM, unlimited audio channels, meta-data and much more

​NDI Remote:

  • With NDI Remote you can securely connect with any remote contributor to receive their video and audio over the internet. Bringing in remote guests and video feeds is as easy as sharing a link.
  • Easy access to video from any mobile device, anywhere straight into the thousands of video software applications that support NDI.

NDI|HX Camera App:

Turns any iOS or Android mobile device into an IP-ready live video source.

​Easier Everywhere:

Getting video, audio and metadata over IP networks to work seamlessly has been difficult and required a lot of configuration.

NDI® 5 is a generational step change in utility. 

Seamless Integration:

New Plug-ins for Adobe Creative Cloud and Final Cut Pro Create a full postproduction workflow.

ARM Support and Portable NDI:

Billions of devices NDI enabled through support for ARM​

  • NDI is the first IP video standard fully running in software on ARM devices

Check out the webinar on YouTube HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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