NDI-Based Multicam Live Production with PTZ Cameras

Streamingmedia.com recently posted a great article all about the state of PTZ control over NDI. We're going to break down some of the finer points here.

The Network Device Interface protocol (NDI) was created and released by NewTek in 2016. The transfer method has been nothing short of a game changer. Rivaling hardwired connections like USB, HDMI or SDI- NDI means sending a wireless media signal to your production hub provided both exist on the same network.

In other words, all you need is your power chord, and a WiFi network.

One major feature to NDI is the integration of PTZ camera control. This is a great feature for any production using NDI and PTZ Cameras in it's workflow. This, of course, includes our webinars at Videoguys.com.

Vizrt Acquires NewTek

It's worth mentioning that Vizrt acquired NewTek earlier in 2019, right before NAB Show Las Vegas. This merger makes a lot of sense. Both software focused companies complement each others strength well. While Vizrt is a leading name in broadcast graphics, NewTek is known in the production space for their line of TriCasters- a perfect appliance for live broadcasting.

Recent Changes and Updates

NewTek unveiled NDI version 4 earlier this year, which is sure to deliver a bunch of great improvements and upgrades to the protocol. This includes the quality of video improving without increasing the bitrate.

The new version also promises a plug in for Adobe Creative Cloud plug in with its release, allowing users to record straight to Premiere Pro.

As far as NDI hardware goes, NewTek introduced their new Spark 4K line, including the Spark Plus converter. This device converts non-NDI sources to NDI. The Spark Plus 4K offers a 4K 30fps model priced at $599.

Check out the full article from Streamingmedia.com HERE

Learn more about NewTek HERE

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