NDI-Enabled Products One Million Strong

One Million NDI-Enabled Products Already In The Hands Of Customers

—With hundreds of companies developing products, NDI continues to become the software IP interchange method of choice— NewTek_NDI_789_340_70_sSAN ANTONIO, June 7, 2016—Network Device Interface (NDI™), NewTek’s free enabling technology for live production IP workflows over Ethernet networks continues to gain momentum in the broadcast and video streaming industries. Since it became available, more than 600 companies have downloaded the NDI SDK and hundreds are working with NewTek creating NDI commercial products, many of which have released NDI-compatible products since NAB 2016. These products, in addition to NewTek products and other newly compatible devices from top manufacturers and developers already using NewTek’s previous technology allowing IP connectivity, have put NDI into the hands of over 1,000,000 customers worldwide, making it by far the most prolific IP-based workflow in the production market. NDI compliments and is already integrated into other IP standards like ASPEN and SMPTE 2022 that rely on 10 Gigabit Ethernet for the high-end broadcast tier with NewTek and others offering tools to easily move data between NDI and other protocols. NewTek has also released versions of the NDI SDK that bring full NDI functionality to the OS/X and Linux operating systems, further extending its reach and allowing many more to easily add IP functionality to their video products.
“NDI has already exceeded our wildest expectations and confirmed our belief that the industry’s transition to IP-based workflows would happen sooner than most people expected,” said Dr. Andrew Cross, president and chief technology officer for NewTek. “There is no sign of this momentum slowing down whatsoever. On the contrary, we hear stories every day about customers using NDI to save time and money doing things that simply were not possible only a few short months ago.”
NewTek created NDI to allow multiple video systems and applications to identify and communicate bi-directionally with one another over IP, and to encode, transmit and receive many streams of high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video and audio in real time. This benefits any network-connected video device, including video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, cameras and many other production devices and applications. NDI makes it possible to exponentially increase the number of sources available for live production, without directly attaching to devices, changing locations, or investing in expensive, high-bandwidth networks.

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