NDI®|HX 3 is here! Takes NDI|HX to the next level

An all-new version of NDI, NDI®|HX 3 is here! NDI.tv just shared their press release covering the news and says "NDI®|HX 3 uses a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI® High Bandwidth to unleash unparalleled flexibility for NDI users and partners." NDI®|HX 3 takes NDI|HX to the next level!

"Now available to anyone using an NDI®|HX 3 enabled device, users can select NDI®|HX 3 as an option for better video with reduced latency – using a fraction of the bandwidth of NDI® high bandwidth. NDI| HX 3 is an option for manufacturers and developers to magnify flexibility, without the need to change or upgrade hardware. "

Check out the full press release right here

Learn more about NDI here!


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