NDI Live Productions: This is How You Do It

With the release of NDI 5, more workflows can take advantage of IP video in live production with NDI 5 than ever before- which makes now a great time for a refresher and look at the world of NDI. Recently NABShow.com posted a great article about NDI, and how to start producing with it.  We're taking a look at some highlights from that article, below. 

NDI stands for Network Device Interface, and is a high performance video standard allowing users to utilize real time, ultra low latency video using just their IP video network.  NDI can be sent around different software applications of NDI aware hardware computing devices. 

NDI was developed by NewTek and Vizrt and is a great component to add to any live production.  

NDI is also largely plug and play.  It does not typically require any special equipment. It provides a tremendous amount of power to leverage.  Ideal Systems is an Asian systems integrator for broadcasts, that is utilizing NDI.  

Check out this video on their workflow setup.


 NDI 5:

NDI 5 is the latest iteration of NDI announced by NewTek. NDI 5 promises a host of new streamlined features, for efficient IP based video delivery.  

Check out this video form NewTek on NDI 5:

NDI 5 will provide integration of NDI audio into software based audio workflows.  They can be accessed via cloud, across a local network, or in a hybrid RUDP workflow.  This means WAN and WiFi connections will be more reliable and will truly expand NDI's support capability.  

“NDI is designed to harness the massive creative potential of software and networks, allowing anyone to work with video — and have fun doing it.  All devices in the world are already connected. Now with NDI 5, you can easily build shows and share video between them, for free.”
-Dr. Andrew Cross, president of Research and Development for the Vizrt Group.

Check out the full Article HERE. 

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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