NDI November Round Up with BirdDog, Telestream, PTZOptics and Epiphan

Today's NDI November Round up is all about NDI workflows, and the different areas where NDI can be used successfully.  Gary is joined in never before seen clips by BirdDog, PTZOptics, Telestream and Epiphan to discuss how NDI has been used in unique workflows, with some interesting case studies. 

Check out the webinar, below.

Sports Production with BirdDog:

Gary was joined by Eamon Drew, Co-Founder and CMO of BirdDog to discuss BirdDog products using NDI in a live sports production environment.  BirdDog makes full NDI products including PTZ cameras, and converters. 

BirdDog Eyes P100 was used in the NBA Bubble:

We discussed how the P100 was instrumental with this years NBA Bubble, with shots of it in action being used by the Lakers and the Chicago Bulls.  Check out those images, below:

Philadelphia Eagles Use the BirdDog P200:

The Philadelphia Eagles also used the BirdDog Eyes P200 at a major press event.  They chose this camera because of its range of motion and zoom with its Sony CMOS Backlit Sensor and Image Module.   

BirdDog All Weather Outdoor NDI Cameras:

BirdDogs All Weather cameras are perfect for sports production because they allow the flexibility of NDI to be used in cameras that are water proof and wont be ruined or drastically effected by unpredictable weather patterns. 

BirdDog All Weather Cameras used by Harvard for Sports Production:

We also covered a great case study Eamon bought to the show on how Harvard is using the A200 cameras to produce outdoor live production at the university. 

To learn more about BirdDog NDI Cameras, check out this chart comparing each model:


Telestream Wirecast with NDI and Houses of Worship:

Telestreams Wirecast is a great software encoder and multicamera switcher.  With Wirecast's NDI capability, users also don't need capture cards to bring in inputs.  It also allows for a ton of capabilities for bringing in guests via NDI integrations with Teams.  

Users with Wirecast Pro at $799 can also take advantage of the systems NDI output as well as it's ability to control NDI and IP PTZ Cameras right from the software!

The combination of Wirecast and NDI along with Telestream's Wirecast Gear Systems has been a great solution for many churches dipping their toes into live streaming their services.  

Check out this Diagram from Telestream Illustrating how to use NDI with WIrecast:

Desktop, NDI & Web Capture

  • Capture a variety of IP sources or anything on your computer screen.  
  • Wirecast automatically detects NDI sources
  • The built-in web browser can also display live web pages

The Perfect House of Worship Production Bundle:

Telestream, NETGEAR and BirdDog has also created an excellent bundle together that is perfect for NDI productions in houses of worship.

Check out this bundle HERE.

This bundle includes a Wirecast Gear, two BirdDog P100s, one BirdDog P200, a BirdDog PTZ Controller, and a free NETGEAR M4250 network switch.  This comes out to a total value of $17,086, but the bundle can be purchased at $15,587. 

House of Worship Users of Wirecast and NDI:

Sunday Service 

Full production with multiple cameras while integrating the existing house sound.

Weekday Bible Study

Stream weekday bible studies to the congregation with a scaled down production using the same Wirecast interface and Gear unit.

Counseling / Meetings / Outreach

Take advantage of Wirecast full webinar integrations creating the ability to provide video playback / presentations / remote guests to ensure your message is told effectively. 

Your congregation is available worldwide, take advantage of social outreach!​

Your local community has always been the heart of the congregation. Now anyone and everyone may watch / learn / benefit from your message utilizing social platforms.

NDI & Government AV​ with Epiphan Video:

We were also joined by George Herbert from Epiphan Video to discuss NDI's place in Government AV.  This technology is a great way to simplify workflows in Government video proceedings so that officials can focus on the work at hand. 

George brought us some great information on how the Epiphan Pearl-2 can leverage NDI to create excellent government AV workflows. Pearl-2 starts at $7,499 and is an excellent solution for higher end solutions. 

Hawaii State Senate uses Pearl-2 to Create an NDI Workflow

One case study we discussed was the use of the Pearl-2 with NDI in the Hawaii State senate to create an easy to setup that secure workflow.  

The Goal​:

  • Increase the capacity of Senate Hearings
  • Leverage existing local area network to transmit audio and video between hearing rooms
  • Send all video back to a centralized production room
  • Switch, stream and record all on one system 

The Solution:

The solution: Pearl-2, the all-in-one video switching, streaming, and recording system with NDI support.

  • Six Pearl-2 encoders were set up to capture NDI inputs from each individual session room
  • Three NDI video sources were sent from all six rooms
  • Two PTZ Cameras and one computer with video conference per room
  • Pearl-2 captures all three sources per room via NDI and brings in audio via one of the PTZ cameras. 
  • Pearl-2 can now mix and stream these inputs

“Pearl-2 is straightforward enough that any of our users can operate it with confidence, even if they have very little technical or video experience.”

-Chris Lam, Director of IT, Hawaii State Senate

NDI & AutoTracking​ in Education with PTZOptics:

PTZOptics also joined us to discuss NDI's place in Education streaming.  NDI is incredibly popular in this type of workflow because it makes production easy, and ensures teachers top priority will still be teaching, not trying to work out their live streaming plan. 

To make things even easier for educators, PTZOptics also discusses auto tracking options with us, including their HuddlecamHD SimplTrack2.  

Check out this case study from Rosemount College,​ Discussing how NDI PTZ Cameras are Aiding in their Hybrid Classroom

Auto Tracking with HuddleCamHD SimplTrack 2:

 Key Features of the HuddleCamHD SimplTrack 2:

  • Auto tracking perfect for conference rooms or lecture capture
  • Automatic camera operation using motion tracking 
  • Plug and Play via USB 3.0 making Simpltrack easy to connect right to your computer
  • Ideal 78° horizontal and 44° vertical field of view
  • $3,000

​This camera is also NDI Upgradeable with the purchase of this license at $399.

Easy to use​ Control Software

HuddleCamHD SimplTrack features auto tracking or manual control, all set up through the easy-to-use SimplTrack software.

Check out this case study detailing how the SimplTrack-2 Auto Tracking is making lecture capture easy for Educators:

Learn more about any of our guests below:

Check out the webinar on YouTube Below.

Learn more about NDI HERE.


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