NDI Screen Capture HX App for NVIDIA GPUs Eliminates Need for Capture Cards

NDI Tools are free software programs from NewTek, that allow you to take your NDI based productions to the next level. These tools can be used for Mac or PC and are a free download from NewTek's website.

NewTek has added another tool to their list of NDI tools, and this one is powered by NVIDIA GPU power, making it perfect for high quality, pristine streaming especially when it comes to eSports and virtual game streaming.

The tool in question is the NDI Screen Capture HX application. This is perfect for live presentations with on screen resources, video game streaming, eSports and more.

By basing NDI Screen Capture HX around the NVIDIA GPU power, NewTek has reduced reliance on a PCs CPU, making for a much smoother stream, and more capabilities without weighing down your system. 

“Our mission is to make IP video easy to use and fun for anyone to make a great show.  Offering full NVIDIA GPU-accelerated support for NDI allows gamers to use applications like OBS Studio, XSplit, TriCaster®, or any of the thousands of applications that support NDI.”

-Dr. Andrew Cross, Head of R&D for the Vizrt Group and NewTek

Check out this article from NewTek's NDI.TV to learn more. 

Learn more about NewTek HERE.

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