NDI Today and a look ahead to tomorrow with Dr. Andrew Cross for NDI November

NDI November officially begins with a keynote address from Doctor Andrew Cross- the creator of NDI.  Gary is joined on this weeks Videoguys Live to discuss where NDI has been, the inception of the technology, where NDI is today, and where it is headed in the future.  

Check out the webinar below:

Our questions include:

NDI has come so far in just 5 years. On our last show you talked about the pandemic accelerating adoption by 5 years. So what is in store us in the next 5 years? 

NDI 5 promises to drive NDI forward with additional features like NDI Bridge and NDI remote.  Doctor Cross also promises a ton of new features coming to NDI, reassuring us that while it is excellent technology, it will get better and better. 

How has the purchase of NewTek by Vizrt effected the development of NDI? 

NewTek​ was purchased by Vizrt in 2019, making for a great combination of two already excellent companies, and provided more resources to the team developing NDI.  We look forward to seeing how these companies technologies converge further to strengthen NDI even more in the coming years. 

NDIs impact on live video production workflows has been incredible, especially since the pandemic. Tell me how you see NDI impacting other industries like AV conferencing, digital signage, and even medicine.

Doctor Cross gave some excellent insight into how NDI can fit well into multiple industries, and how much overlap users will find in each. ​

We all know that one of the most important parts of producing great video is audio quality. Talk to us about NDI and audio?  When will we see NDI audio mixers and microphones.

Doctor Cross didn't give us exact details on what the plans are for audio in NDI, but he did allude to new advancements in audio over NDI coming with later iterations past NDI 5.  

NDI Bridge, SRT, REMI, Cloud video production. Talk to us about where you see this going and how soon will it become the new industry standard workflow.  

NDI Bridge promises for even more solutions for ways to bring in remote guests over NDI, and pull off a quality NDI production.  Doctor Cross and Gary also discuss what the future of remote guests is.  We also are told, exclusively that NDI Bridge will be available next week!​

When do you foresee some of the incredible Vizrt  graphics capabilities coming down into the world of TriCastersI would love to see a dedicated NDI  graphics device for house of worship,  high school and local college sports, and corporate video.

The partnership between NewTek, NDI and Vizrt promises for cutting edge live streaming developments in the future, and some exciting years to come when it comes to NDI and Live Streaming.​

NDI November:

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