NDI brings IP video into your production. NDI technology is available in PTZ cameras, converters, production systems and other video sources. SRT is pure transport protocol.
So the questions is, NDI or SRT? SRT Mini Server goes over who the winner is when comparing NDI and SRT. Below are some key points SRT Mini Server makes throughout the article. 




"NDI is glue for build production workflow inside Studio."


"For video transmition SRT suggest standart way and all hardware and software SRT encoders use this:
1. Encodes captured video to h264 (or h265, mpeg2)
2.Wraps this encoded data to MPEG-TS data
3. Wraps MPEG-TS data to SRT-packet and send to destination.

So SRT with h264/265 encoded data applied for one-time sending only, for example from Location to Studio."



" SRT: provides low-latency delivery from Locations to Studio over unstable Internet connections. Also it allows use modern codec like h265 for low-bandwidth transmission

NDI: provides low-latency workflow between nodes inside Studio without quality degradation.

.. oh , if you plan publish finalized result to YouTube, Facebook etc then don't forget about RTMP also."

SRT Mini Server


Check out the full article HERE
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