NETGEAR AV M4250 Switch and NETGEAR Engage Software

Explore the advanced features of the NETGEAR M4250 switch line in this video from rAVe [PUBS]. This innovative series not only offers robust multi-gig support but also provides a hassle-free configuration experience through the intuitive Netgear Engage software. Uncover the details as NETGEAR introduces the M4250 switch with back ports, front indication lights, avui, and Netgear Engage software for seamless configuration. NETGEAR AV highlights the M4250 Switch, emphasizing its superior multi-gig support and significant uplinks. Discover more about the upcoming NETGEAR switch with 10 gig ports and a 400 gig uplink, tailored for the broadcast industry and scheduled to launch in January. Stay informed and stay ahead with NETGEAR's cutting-edge technology.

Watch the full video below:


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