NETGEAR M4350 AV Switches - Revolutionizing Pro AV Networking

On Today's Videoguys Live, Gary is joined by Laurent from NETGEAR to discuss the new M4350 AV Switches and how it fits in their all-star lineup of Professional AV Switches.

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M4250 Managed Switches

The AV Line of M4250 switches are built for 1G AV over IP installations and designed for a clean integration with traditional rack-mounted AV equipment.

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M4300 Managed Switches

NETGEAR's M4300 Series of 1G and 10G fully managed switches are designed for any AV over IP installation. A broad range of sizes and capabilities are available to fit any application.

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M4350 Managed Switches

The M4350 Series of 1 Gigabit to 100 Gigabit fully managed switches provides an edge to core stackable platform for any AV over IP installation. Redundant modular power supplies on select models contribute to business continuity management.

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Terms to Know:
PoE - Power Over Ethernet

  • PoE 15.4 Watts
  • PoE++ 30 Watts
  • PoE++ (Ultra) 60-100 Watts depending on version (Type 3 and Type 4)

Total Power Delivery (TPD)

  • The maximum amount of power a switch can deliver
  • a PoE+ switch with 60 Watts TPD can only power 2 PoE+ cameras no many how many ports it has

SFP (Small Form-Factor Pluggable Transceiver)

  • Commonly used for Optical Network Connection, but can be Copper
  • Allows for port flexibility
  • SFP Operates @ 1Gbps
  • SFP+ Operates @ 10Gbps


  • Optimized for high-quality, low-latency video production environments with a higher bandwidth network infrastructure


  • NDI|HX provides a more bandwidth-efficient solution suitable for wireless or lower bandwidth scenarios. 

Dante AV Ultra

  • Dante AV Ultra is a revolutionary new AV hardware solution for standard 1 Gbps networks that adds networked video to the industry-leading Dante audio-over-IP platform.

Dante AV-H

  • Dante AV-H is less complicated and more flexible to install than point-to-point solutions and with low bandwidth it’s the ideal AV solution for today’s networks.

 SMPTE ST 2110 Suite of Standards

SMPTE 2110 is a suite of standards from the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) that describes how to send digital media over an IP network.

SMPTE 2110 is intended to be used within broadcast production and distribution facilities where quality and flexibility are more important than bandwidth efficiency.

Matrox Video Joins Panasonic KAIROS Alliance​

Matrox ConvertIP DSS Encoder/Decoder Compatibility Verified With Panasonic KAIROS Platform

Engineered for AV over IP

  • AV user interface & profiles certified by 200+ manufacturers 
  • PoE+ 30W and PoE++ 90W
  • Non-flooding multicast with automatic NETGEAR IGMP Plus™
  • Simplified install: Engage Controller, Auto-LAG, Auto-Trunk
  • 1G to 2.5G to 10G uplinks
  • Reversible front LEDs / rear ports, ideal in AV racks – and desktop versions
  • 1G to 10G to 40G uplinks
  • Redundant PSUs and active-active core (NSF stack)
  • 1G to 2.5G to 10G to 25G to 100G uplinks
  • Redundant PSUs and active-active core (NSF stack)
  • SMPTE 2110 supported on select models
Bandwidth/Stacking Power Supplies Chassis Style
M4250 1G to 10G Standalone Internal PSU
No Power Redundancy
AV Look
Ports in Rear
M4300 1G to 10G     (40G 96X) Stackable Modular PSUs
Power Redundancy
IT Look
Ports in Front
M4350 1G to 2.5G to 10G to 25Gto 100G Stackable Internal PSU + Modular PSUs 
Power Redundancy
IT Look
Ports in Front






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