NETGEAR M4350 ST2110 Lineup at NAB 2024

Discover the latest innovations from NETGEAR AV as John H.K. introduces the M4350 series switches supporting SMPTE 2110 protocol. Learn why AV-specific switches are essential for precise time protocols and multicast control, and explore features like IGMP filtering and AV interface profiles for optimal AV over IP applications.

NETGEAR AV takes center stage at NAB 2024 with the introduction of two groundbreaking models in their M4350 series switches. John H.K. from NETGEAR AV sheds light on the game-changing capabilities of these switches, emphasizing their support for the SMPTE 2110 protocol and the significance of AV-specific switches in modern AV over IP workflows.

Watch the full video from KITPLUS below:

See more from NETGEAR below:

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