Network Rendering in Sony Vegas

Event DV David Michael Drenk vegas Network rendering can free your main editing station from the rendering process so you can work on another project, or it can speed up the rendering so you have a finished product in less time. Here we look at how network rendering works in Sony Vegas and how much time Vegas users can expect it to save them. As with any other mindless chore, rendering video can severely test your patience. While no longer as time-consuming as editing itself, it still feels like downtime because it knocks you out of the creative loop—especially if you do most of or all your editing on a single machine and are busy enough to be working on multiple jobs at once. Rendering takes up most of your computer's processing capacity, which means it can keep you from working on another project, and it is the last obstacle standing in the way of delivering a finished product to a client. While rendering is a necessary part of any project—regardless of how, or in what format, you deliver your video—there are some cases in which network rendering can help. Network rendering is available in two popular pro/prosumer NLEs: Apple Final Cut Pro 5 and Sony Vegas 5 and 6. read more...

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