New Atomos AtomOS Delivers F-Log2 & SRT Streaming

Atomos is pleased to announce the release of AtomOS 11.06.00 for Atom OS11 devices (Ninja V, V+, Ninja, Ninja Ultra, Shogun, Shogun Ultra, and Shogun Connect). This update introduces support for Fujifilm F-Log2 and SRT streaming.

Fujifilm F-Log2:

Allows users of Fujifilm cameras to leverage the full potential of the F-Log2 format within AtomOS 11 devices. This includes:

  • A more accurate colour processing when shooting and monitoring in F-Log2
  • F-Log2/REC709/BT2020 gamma/gamut combination for YCC video.
  • Using the F-Log2/REC709/BT2020 combination as the output setting for ProRes RAW workflows.
  • Employing the same colour settings for both ProRes RAW and proxy recordings.

Enhanced Content Creation: F-Log2 support allows users to capture high-quality visuals with Fujifilm cameras within the Atomos ecosystem.

SRT Streaming:

AtomOS 11.06.00 introduces full support for SRT (Secure Reliable Transport) streaming. This enables users to stream in both "Caller" and "Listener" modes, easily configured through their Atomos Cloud Studio (ACS) account, similar to setting up RTMP or RTMP/S destinations.

Reliable Streaming: SRT streaming ensures reliable video transmission even over unreliable networks, allowing for seamless live content delivery.

The update can be downloaded from the Atomos support page:

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