New Canon PTZ Applications: Auto Tracking and Auto Loop

The Canon CR-N700 PTZ camera will support two apps for auto tracking and auto loop by way of a new firmware coming soon.

The Canon Auto Tracking Application enables the camera to automatically track the speaker or other specified persons during commercial presentations, lectures and other events. Because visual analysis is performed in-camera, the system achieves excellent tracking capability. In addition to framing a person in the shot, the camera, aided by its high-performance pan/tilt mechanism and the automatic tracking application, can smoothly capture movements of people with satisfying quality for video production.

The Canon Auto Loop Application empowers the camera to automatically repeat pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) staging movements ordinarily performed by camera operators during the broadcast of events, as well as in the production of TV commercials and movies. What’s more, “fade mode” adjusts the acceleration and deceleration of the camera motions as the motions begin and end, enabling the automated camera system to mimic professional camerawork

Watch the full video below:


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