New Epiphan Pearl Nexus Certified by Panopto!

Panopto, a prominent global provider of video management solutions catering to both workforce training and higher education, has unveiled a new certified device, the Epiphan Pearl Nexus. This announcement signals a significant collaboration between the two companies aimed at revolutionizing video capture experiences. The Pearl Nexus device seamlessly integrates with Panopto's renowned video management platform, promising users a superior and automated video capture experience.

Epiphan's Pearl Nexus is equipped with advanced recording and streaming capabilities, supporting up to three channels of 1080p video. Its versatility extends to a wide range of video inputs, including SDI, HDMI, USB, SRT, and NDI, along with professional audio inputs such as XLR, USB, and 3.5 mm. This flexibility ensures compatibility with modern AV workflows, offering users creative controls and cloud management tools to streamline their operations. Additionally, features like a 1 TB SSD drive, CMS integrations, and automated file management underscore the device's commitment to secure content recording and precise delivery.

The partnership between Panopto and Epiphan signifies a commitment to enhancing online learning experiences for both educational institutions and commercial enterprises. By leveraging Epiphan's expertise in hardware-based lecture capture at scale and Panopto's robust video management platform, the collaboration aims to meet the growing demand for classroom capture solutions. Through this joint effort, the companies strive to empower faculty, administrators, and students alike with an automated and integrated video capture solution, ultimately enhancing knowledge sharing, remote recording capabilities, and content delivery across diverse environments.

Read the full Press Release from Epiphan HERE

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