New G-Technology made 4K Disk Caddies for Atomos Gear

Attention Atomos users! Have you seen these new SSD media or hard drives for Atomos compatible recorders? They're made by the best - G-Tech! Videoguys is your source for these high-performance, workflow enhancing caddies. Get the details here.

G-Technology Announces 4K Disk-Caddy Workflow for Atomos

High-Performance Flash-Based System Takes Data from Recording Units On-Set to Project Storage Back in the Office From StudioDaily gtech-master-caddy-4kG-Technology and Atomos have been hard at work since their partnership was first announced at Cine Gear Expo in June. Evidence will be on display at IBC, where G-Technology is rolling out a line of new, co-branded gear led by the Atomos Master Caddy 4K and Atomos Master Caddy HD. The new Master Caddies are designed to fit directly into any Atomos-compatible recorder, as well as into the new ev Series Reader Atomos Master Caddy Edition. The Master Caddy Edition, in turn, slides into a G-Dock ev or G-Speed Shuttle XL with ev-series bay adapters for transfer into project storage. The Master Caddy Edition is meant to be used as a standalone device running on bus power or to be inserted into docking systems. It has USB-C Gen. 2 connectivity for reading off of Master Caddies at speeds up to 540 MB/second, the company said...[continue reading]

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