New NVIDIA Quadro driver update Optimized for Adobe Creative Cloud

CreativeCloud specific  Driver Update powers Nvidia gains


From small, nimble creative agencies to large, innovative broadcasters, creative pros need faster, more intuitive workflows that let them deliver high-quality productions using the broadest set of Adobe's creative solutions. NVIDIA GPU acceleration throughout Adobe Creative Cloud now gives creative artists and video editors tremendous speed and interactivity when and where they're needed. Enterprise workgroups can collaborate without boundaries. Visual effects that used to render a few frames per second now run in real time. Motion graphics that would take hours to create can now be done in minutes. And professional layer-based color grading is quick and easy in both SpeedGrade and the newly integrated Lumetri Deep Color Engine in Premiere Pro.

Nvidia announced the new Quadro Performance Driver on Nvidia GPUs is now nearly 2 times faster than before, and with this update on average, Quadro performance is now about 15% faster than competitive products. Download the new drivers here.


At the heart of Adobe Premiere® Pro CC is the GPU-accelerated Adobe Mercury Playback Engine. This technology, co-developed by Adobe and NVIDIA, leverages NVIDIA GPUs and the NVIDIA CUDA® Parallel Computing Platform to deliver interactive, real-time editing and up to 18x¹ faster performance on final rendered exports. It powers fluid playback of today's most challenging video and D-Cinema formats, including DSLR, RED 4, and 5K native footage. It also adds support for multi-GPU configurations for even faster rendering, as well as a newly integrated Lumetri Deep Color Engine to drive GPU-accelerated, real-time layer-based color grading. NVIDIA Quadro® SDI output cards for SDI graphics-to-video monitoring are also supported with the Adobe Mercury Transmit Plugin.

New features in NVIDIA GPU-accelerated Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Lumetri Deep Color Engine

NVIDIA GPUs provide unmatched responsiveness and a simplified workflow for the newly integrated Lumetri Deep Color Engine that allows SpeedGrade color correction and even your own SpeedGrade “Looks” to be easily accessed directly within Premiere Pro. And now, with a new NVIDIA Quadro Performance Driver, the Lumetri Deep Color Engine is up to 200% faster than in previous pre-release versions of Premiere Pro CC. Check the NVIDIA driver site for availability of this new speed-boosting tool*.

Multiple-GPU Support

Premiere Pro now supports multiple GPUs that scale with the Mercury Playback Engine to provide even more powerful renders and compressions for faster export times.

Adobe Anywhere Integration

Premiere Pro is the key element integrated into Adobe Anywhere, the new NVIDIA Tesla-accelerated collaborative video workflow platform lets video editors, visual effects artists, and other creative pros work together seamlessly using centralized media and assets across virtually any network.

Learn more about how NVIDIA GPUs Power the Adobe Creative Cloud Tools

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