New Products & Technology For Live Streaming, Video Production & Storage Solutions

On this weeks Videoguys Live Webinar, Gary goes over new products, tech, video production, and storage solutions to help you start live streaming!  This year has seen a ton of exciting new products, as well as some great new solutions and applications for already existing great products!

Check out the full webinar, below.


Videoguys now carries some excellent AgnelBird Products.  AngelBird develops some awesome customized memory cards and workflow solutions for filmmakers, live streamers and post production or live streaming content creators.  

Learn more abour Angelbird HERE.

Avid Specials:

Avid has released some great specials for today's post production workflows, that Avid users can absolutely take advantage of.  

Nexis Pro Specials:

Avid Artist Hardware Specials:

Avid Software Specials:

Learn more about Avid HERE.


The YoloLiv YoloBox is an awesome, portable production system, ideal for multiple workflows in sports, education, and corporate video- and so much more.  YoloBox has become even more exciting with a recent price drop!

YoloBox is now available at $999, making it one of the best live streaming encoders and switchers on the market for under $1K.  

Learn more about YoloBox HERE.


NewTek has recently updated their product line, with some great changes and additions to the TriCaster Mini line, and NewTek's connect spark products.  

Check out our webinar on "What's New With NewTek" HERE.

Learn more about NewTek HERE.


Telestream has recently updated their Wirecast software with Wirecast 14.  This update includes all new Chroma Keying, Luma and Color Key, Updated Technologies, NDI 4.5 and more reliable video source connections!

Check out our webinar with Telestream's Lynn Elliot to learn more about Wirecast 14!


One of the most exciting new products from BirdDog is the BirdDog Flex.  This family of devices allows you to take an HDMI signal and convert it to NDI, or an NDI signal and convert it to HDMI.  And, it's priced right at $399 for any of the three flavors.  The BirdDog Flex family includes the Flex In, Flex Out, and Flex Backpack.

Check out our product spotlight and walkthrough on these devices HERE.

BirdDog also released two excellent 4K PTZ cameras this year with the P4K and the P400, both of which are available, and shipping now!

Learn more about these cameras HERE.

Learn more about BirdDog HERE.

PTZOptics & HuddlecamHD

PTZOptics cameras are one of the most highly in demand brands of PTZ cameras, particularly during the current pandemic.  With the most affordable PTZ cameras on the market, PTZOptics creates easy to use cameras with smooth movements and a crystal clear picture.  And they are back in stock at Videoguys!
Check out the list of cameras in stock, below!

PTZOptics and Huddlecam also released two great EPTZ cameras as well. 

The PTZOptics Dual SDI EPTZ Zcam is available at $499, or in NDI at $899. This allows for a 104 degree field of view, and simultaneous dual 3G-SDI and high definition IP outputs.  

The HuddleCamHD EPTZ Webcam is also available in NDI at $499, or USB at $299, and allows you to pull in a 4K picture, while also creating a 1080p region of interest.  

Learn more about PTZOptics HERE.


Atomos has also released a very exciting product, called the Atomos Connect 4K.  This device can take an HDMI signal, and convert it to a USB signal.  The best part, of course- is the price.  Atomos Connect comes in at just $79. 

Learn more about the Atomos Connect HERE.

Learn more about Atomos HERE.


LiveU has recently updated their SoloConnect Kits.  The old modems have been replaced by new modems with Verizon and AT&T.  

Check it out below.

Learn more about these great products, and more in our webinar on YouTube HERE.

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