New Redesigned Mac Pro from Apple is Finally Available. Here's What It Will Cost You

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After years of waiting, a new Mac Pro from Apple has finally arrived. The landscape has changed tremendously since the last major upgrade, with many loyal Mac Pro users splintering off into different directions, with some choosing iMacs, Hackintoshes, or PCs. The new design is a radical departure from anything the company has made in the past (or really anything any computer company currently makes), and it’s going to be heavily reliant on external enclosures and devices for expandability. There was some word from Apple about a few configurations, but we’ve finally got the complete rundown on what each system will cost, and you can officially order one right now.

The Verge did a quick hands-on with the new system --->

Apple has not yet introduced a 4K monitor, so you can either go with a monitor of your choice, or pick from either the Thunderbolt Cinema Display or a Sharp 4K monitor they are selling right on the site (which is about $3,600). If you really want a monitor that does 4K, you’re probably going to get a better bang for your buck with something from Seiki like the 39? 4K model at $500 or the 50? 4K model at $770. They are budget monitors for a reason, but 4K TVs and Monitors are going to change very much over the next few years, especially as HDMI 2.0 comes out allowing higher than 30fps.

As far as configurations go, if you work in video, GPUs have become almost more important than the actual processor. New programs like Resolve and Premiere/After Effects have been able to utilize the increase in GPU power to offload tasks from the CPU. This means that a more powerful GPU with more memory is probably going to make a more noticeable difference for many of these applications than a more powerful CPU with more cores, especially if you’re doing a lot of effects and color correction. read more...

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