New thinking -> New offer -> MojoDX under $5K

MojoDX under $5,000
New thinking -> New offer -> MojoDX under $5K

Well it looks like some of the folks at Avid are listening and reading what is going on in these threads. We’ve been given a channel wide program that allows us to offer existing Avid Editors an upgrade to MojoDX. You don’t have to trade in any hardware, all you need is a registered Xpress Pro or Media Composer 2.x dongle. The upgrade to MojoDX includes MC 3 upgrade and all 3rd party software.

MojoDX makes Media Composer more powerful.
With MC3 Avid redesigned the way the software utilizes the power in your computer. By tapping into both CPU and GPU processing MC3 is more stable and more powerful then any other NLE on the market. By offloading some of the computer cycles needed for video display to the MojoDX, it frees up both CPU and GPU power for MC3 to tap into. So the end result is a pick up in performance by adding MojoDX.

I’m a big fan of HDMI output for HD monitoring. I’m using it to drive a Sharp Aquos HDTV and a $500 surround sound in a box system I picked up at Best Buy. It’s a fantastic solution and it provides me with a great way to see my video the same way my audience will. I’m not using HDMI for professional level color grading (which quite honestly I don’t have the skill to do) – for that I would recommend either an HD-SDI monitor or adding an inexpensive SDI to component HD converter to drive your existing HD monitor. Likewise if you need Component HD input, you can get an inexpensive converter for that as well.

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