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What’s new in the Premiere Pro 4.1 Update

The 4.1 updater for Premiere Pro and Adobe Media Encoder are fairly critical updates for the CS4 user. If you are using the CS4 Production Premium Suite, After Effects also has a new updater, 9.02. Below are some of the major changes in these updates. I’ve also listed some of the various bug fixes for Premiere Pro and After Effects. Take the time to scan the list. I’ve also created a “What’s new in Premiere 4.1” video to get you up to speed. For the RED camera users out there, both Premiere Pro 4.1 and After Effects have new workflows for RED R3D files. I do a quick run through of the new features on the new RED workflow in the 4.1 video but there is a completely new Adobe RED video, which walks you through the new workflow in detail. I should also note that Adobe Media Encoder has been updated to match the changes in Premiere Pro 4.1 and After Effects 9.02. One of the most noticeable changes in 4.1 update for Adobe Media Encoder (AME) is the rendering speed. In many cases, you’ll see quite a speed bump. read more and watch videos

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