Newtek 3Play 3P1 tip: Switching Angles During Instant Replay

Switching Angles During a Replay using 3Play® 3P1

Wow moments are important in sports. Fans love them! Watching a single moment over and over again in replay is quite common. This could be an amazing play, or a moment with something controversial happens.

NewTek offers the 3Play 3P1 to help the editors out. With four channels of synchronized recordings, getting that replay has never been easier.

NewTek again offers us a great demo on how to set up replays to add production value to any live stream.

3Play 3P1 Replay layout

Along with the video, the main tips are:

(3Play 3P1's) speed playback, you can use the T-Bar to use slow-motion for the replay so viewers can see the fantastic play action, or see what the ref saw and called, in detail from every angle captured for maximum insight

Set up your social media publishing parameters ahead of time with the Auto Upload settings and send selected replay clips or stills to social media just by pressing the Publish button

® Telestrator Pro is standard with 3Play 3P1. Network an appropriate device for your experts, and they can comment on your replays with dual-channel telestration capability

Richard Evans (NewTek Video Producer)

Do these and any live editor can work "on the fly" as they say.

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