NewTek 3Play Integrates Sports Replay with Video Production

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Unlike earlier replay systems that have relied on linear, tape-based workflows, the new 3Play 4800 and 3Play 440 systems now integrate production capabilities for creating dynamic sports programs with professional, network-style looks. They can reduce the need for several different specialized products and operators, whether or not video production switchers are available.

Both systems are optimized for producers with specific needs. For example, broadcast companies, professional leagues and large venues that use a degree of production
configurability can integrate the 4U rack-mountable, eight-camera input, dualchannel
output 3Play 4800 into their facilities. The 2U, four-camera input, dual-channel output 3Play 440 suits mobile productions and regional broadcasters, colleges, conferences and mid-sized venues with moderate budgets.

Replay and review capabilities preview all angles of a recorded event simultaneously for quick visual comparison of viewing perspectives. Play verification for officials shows side-by-side playback and game clock overlays to give angle comparisons and timing verification for official review, with sharp clarity in both slow motion and accelerated clips.

Media publishing allows instant and simultaneous delivery to multiple destinations including Facebook and Twitter, YouTube and other websites, dedicated FTP Servers and second and third screen platforms. Producers can bypass external switchers and graphics systems by using real-time overlays to create clips, animations, replays and live action video that emulate a televised broadcast look. read more...


NewTek TriCaster 40 v2

The TriCaster 40 is a complete HD multi-camera video production studio that enables anyone to create professional streaming television on a small budget. It gives students & schools, corporate video departments, small organizations and communities, video bloggers, and independent producers unprecedented access to the same production capabilities used by major networks!


NewTek TriCaster 410
Bundle with TriCaster 460 Control Surface

TriCaster 410 is built for live event webcasters, videoconference studios, meeting and event staffs, streaming media pros and mid-size worship producers. Anyone who wants to create the highest-quality, professional live video projects with SDI cameras, minimal budgets and tight spaces—and not look back when the event is over.


NewTek LiveSports Bundle with TriCaster 410,
3Play 425 and TriCaster 460 Control Surface

With TriCaster and 3Play, you can work seamlessly to create, replay, publish and stream stunning sports shows. Buy them together and save big. Standard MSRP for this bundle is $26,985 but now NewTek is offering a huge bundle savings with this special offer!


NewTek 3Play 425 Replay Solution

3Play 425

3Play 425 is NewTek’s entry point for instant replay and slow motion, delivering six channels in a professional, HD replay system for sports producers with tight budgets. The system captures four angles of live camera feeds that you can mix with assets from your media library, and records all angles to removable storage so you can import, export, or repurpose your game footage for later use.


NewTek 3Play 440 Integrated Sports Production System

3Play 440

The 3Play 440 is a complete, integrated sports production system for mobile and regional producers who deliver small to mid-sized live sports. With more real-time capabilities than any multi-camera replay server all packed into a single turnkey solution, 3Play 440 raises the ceiling for visual quality, format flexibility, and revenue opportunities for organizations with more limited budgets - even in standalone environments where a traditional production switcher isn’t available.


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