NewTek Case Study: TriCaster® Mini 4K, 3Play® 3P2 and NDI® IP-Based Video Workflow to Stream 2021 Golf Championship

Thailand’s Ladies Professional Golf Association (Thai LPGA) needed a solution to stream live golf events. Their 2021 SAT_NSDF 1st Thai LPA Gold Championship took place in early July. This year they decided to do the production themselves, they normally hire third-party companies but that comes at a high cost. When they were introduced to NewTek's impressive line of live video production and streaming solutions Mr. Kritsada Tanvilai, Thai LPGA’s Association Manager knew this would be their answer to their event. 

The TriCaster® Mini 4K and 3Play® 3P2 utilizes NDI IP-based video networking protocol and were the solutions used for Thai LPGA 2021 Golf Championship. It was a cost-effective and reliable. 

“When I found out that NewTek supports NDI technology, I knew it would be a cost-effective solution to our problem. This is because NDI uses standard gigabit ethernet local area networking, which is a game changer for us.”
Mr. Kritsada Tanvilai, Thai LPGA’s Association Manager

The TriCaster® Mini 4K is an easy to use compact video creation system to let anyone with a story to tell make fun and exciting shows without needing production expertise. The 3Play® 3P2  is a complete, cost-effective, IP based live event production and replay system that takes advantage of software-driven video technology and modern networking to provide users with comprehensive capabilities, increased scalability and flexibility, ease of use, and seamless integration with NewTek’s industry-leading live production and real-time graphics solutions for an end-to-end IP ecosystem that can be implemented and replicated easily and affordably, regardless of infrastructure or workflows.

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