NewTek Case Study: TriCaster TC1

The 4K Media Production Center at Mianyang Teachers' College is the center for discovering media talents. It supports multi-scene, multi-functional practical training, and teaching, 4K studio system, IP-based production process, and multi-person off-site interaction. Recently, a new 4K/HD Meida Production Center has been built for the College. The new Center has over 80 4K cameras, 4K studio systems, NDI , intercom systems, lighting control systems and much more. 

 The NewTek TriCaster TC1 was a huge part of the Media Production Center. The TC1 is a complete, cost-effective production solution that takes advantage of the industry’s leading software-driven video technology and modern networking to provide users with advanced capabilities and future-proof production for the new video reality, while sustaining their proven workflows and leveraging their existing equipment and infrastructure. 

Since the center is is divided into zones such as virtual live streaming, seated interview, standing interaction, anchor dialog, off-site interaction, and classroom observation, the TC1 was able to be a big help with it's advanced production capabilities. 

Check out the full cast study here!

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