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Educational Video Solutions

Affordable production tools for the classroom—or classroom studio. Sophisticated, teachable skills for the real world.

The impact of media communications has hit the academic world. And it’s hit school budgets—from grade schools to universities—even harder. NewTek’s turnkey multi-camera solutions give you the professional video tools to add a new dimension to the classroom and engage your community on a budget. Begin producing creative content, without the technological hurdles and costly components that stopped you before.
  • Build for their future. Help students learn technology and storytelling skills relevant in today’s (and tomorrow’s) world of media content, using the same all-in-one NewTek systems employed by experienced broadcasters.
  • Ignite school spirit. Learning and practicing visual communication can be a team sport with ultra-portable solutions that help your school produce amazing sports video for the entire community.
  • Create participation. Diverse roles on every production provide opportunities to develop and contribute to the overall school message, by collaborating to produce student news, sports, theater, and campus activities.
  • Strengthen the community. Broadcasting school events such as board meetings, public assemblies, fundraisers, or community events to parents, alumni, and neighbors connects students to their larger community.
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