NewTek Flex Control Panel with Unprecedented Control from Anywhere

On today's Videoguys Live show, James and special guest Chris Burgos from NewTek show off the game-changing Flex Control Panel. They showcase the dynamic features and capabilities of the Flex Control Panel, designed to revolutionize live production workflows. Chris and James have an exciting live demo that will demonstrate the immense power and versatility of this cutting-edge tool. Witness firsthand how the Flex Control Panel empowers professionals to take their live productions to new heights.

Watch the full webinar below:


The NewTek Flex Control Panel offers greater control than ever before. Offering better connectivity and better control – all with the incredible flexibility of NDI®.​

NewTek Flex harnesses the power of the most complete production system on the planet in one control surface. For the first time NewTek introduces a Control Surface that offers video mixing, audio mixing, PTZ control, audio I/O, and talkback​

  • Most control over your TC Production System than any panel before​
  • Connectivity & Control for all TriCaster Models​
  • Video mixing, audio mixing, PTZ control more audio I/O from CP​
  • 1st ever native NDI® connected Control Panel​

Better Connectivity​
The Flex Control Panel is the first of its kind to simply connect to a network with NDI and take instant control of any video switcher on that network. In addition – the Flex is built to work with any modern TriCaster. As at home controlling the mighty TriCaster 2 Elite as it is mastering the TriCaster Mini X – Flex offers operators all they need for their distributed productions.​

Better Control​
Flex allows audio and video mixing, PTZ Control and talkback, directly in one unit; significantly reducing the margin for error for operators, offering greater precision and control than ever before. By offering audio I/O, Flex instantly expands the on-board I/O of any TriCaster allowing for more external sources to enter the NDI ecosystem directly from the panel.​

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