NewTek NDI 5 Integrates with Adobe Creative Cloud Workflows

One of the most exciting new features of NDI 5 is the promise of integration with post production and production mainstays like the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite. The promise this feature offers is significant for both live streaming and video creators as a whole.

NDI expanded its support for Creative Cloud, including extension panels that are perfect for Premiere Pro and After Effects.  This integration streamlines production and removes the need for designers for be exported by producers. 

“Designers, producers and directors globally utilize Adobe Creative Cloud to create new content and new experiences. With new tools from NDI 5 – NDI Bridge and NDI Remote – creators enjoy a streamlined workflow to advance creativity and output.  With NDI, using a simple internet connection multiple editors can edit, highlight and localize content in record time; clients can virtually oversee the edits; multiple editors can create different outputs from the same live source – the possibilities on offer are revolutionary.”
-Robert Musso, senior product manager at NDI

Another great feature within NDI 5 is the ability to allow multiple editors to create different outputs of the same live sources at the same time, from absolutely anywhere in the world.  NDI is now providing yet another method to keep remote workflows relevant, and improve the process. 

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Learn more about NDI HERE.

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