NewTek NDI could revolutionize video production

NewTek.IP_.DiagramRedShark declares Newtek NDI protocol a game-changeer and we agree. The ability of NDI to allow "Exponential Production" linking mixers and camera feeds from multiple locations, all over the world, into a single production environment could revolutionize our industry. It's a mighty big undertaking, but by making it an open standard, NewTek is welcoming everyone to the party, and hoping they will add additional capabilities, performance and workflows.
RedShark by David Shapton

NewTek's promise of "Exponential Production" could be a genuine revolution

The phrase 'game-changer' is a bit over-used in the industry of late, but with some additional information leaking out about NewTek's new NDI protocol, we're starting to get the feeling that it could be very significant indeed.
Now, it has added information that makes the new protocol seem even bigger in scope. The company describes it as "Exponential Production." There's good reason for this excitement. According to NewTek: "NewTek Advanced IP Workflow does far more than just connect video sources on a LAN to the production switcher. It creates an exponential IP video matrix wherein each switcher recognises all video sources connected to other production switchers, replay systems, graphics systems and more on the LAN as IP sources – and vice versa. Any device can use another’s connected inputs (and outputs) across the network, enabling multiple systems to scale the number of inputs and output resources. read more...

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