NewTek NDI for IP video transfer is being adopted industry wide

Newtek NDI (Network Device Interface) is more than just a trend. For live IP production, it is promising to be the common language of IP video transfer.
"NDI works with applications from almost every major vendor and virtually every I/O card on the market. There is no doubt that this move to IP-based production is fundamentally transforming our industry.” — Dr. Andrew Cross, NewTek’s president and CTO


Over 100,000 NDI IP devices from top manufacturers are already in users’ hands; number to grow quickly as more than 200 companies sign on as NDI developers. Provideo Coalition by Allan Tépper NewTek NDI IP video transfer protocolAs announced last year, NewTek today launched Network Device Interface (NDI), an enabling technology for live production IP workflows over Ethernet networks. NDI is available now as a royalty-free SDK (software development kit) for anyone wanting to enable IP workflows in their facilities, or in production devices and systems they manufacture. In addition to more than 200 developers working with NewTek on IP product integrations, NDI is also backwards compatible with a large number of devices from top competing manufacturers and developers already using NewTek’s previous technology allowing IP connectivity between devices. This will extend support for NDI to well over 100,000 compatible systems already deployed worldwide, making it the lingua franca of IP video transfer method in the production market. This number is expected to grow substantially as more products become available from more than 200 companies that have signed on as NDI developers...[continue reading]

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